Tips for Choosing the Best  Reusable Menstrual Cycle Cup

For a long time, women who are conscious have been conflicted when it comes to feminine health and grooming because of the limited environmental friendly options for when one has their menses. Most of the available option seemed to only hurt the environment until menstrual cups were launched. Not only are they effective but they are are reusable as well. When you use them you will not need to dispose them and hurt the environment more, you simply clean it and use it again. It is cost effective as well because you will not have to keep buying them the same way you buy sanitary pads or tampons, you only buy the ones in a while which can save you a great deal of money. If you have no idea how to go about purchasing menstrual cups because you do not know what to look out for, worry not since this article will give you some great pointers so that you do not have a hard time looking for the right reusable menstrual cup. Get great info on these cups at

First, consider the firmness of the menstrual cup. Firmness affects how easy it is for the cup to insert, pop open and stay open. It has been found that menstrual cups that are firm are somewhat difficult to insert yet they pop open and stay open easily. The firm reusable menstrual cups suit those who have a good pelvic tone due to a lot of exercises. The more flexible menstrual cups are best for those who may not have a good pelvic tone. The good thing with flexible, softer reusable menstrual cup is that they are easy to insert. You need to get the right form because if at all you go for a firmer cup, and you have a softer pelvic tone you may have difficulty relieving yourself due to the cup pressing on your bladder. Websites like can give you many info and menstrual cup options.

Also, consider the height of your cervix so that you choose the right reusable menstrual cup. If you have a height menstrual cup, then go for a longer cup with a long stem because it will be easier to insert it and remove it. A medium height cervix height will enable you to enjoy both the long and short cups which is an advantage. A low cervix will require you to use a short reusable menstrual cup, and you will need cut the stem so that you feel comfortable.

When it comes to getting the best menstrual cups size and firmness are important. Once you get it right, you will not have much to worry about. Here's how you can insert a menstrual cup for the first time: